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A Fire in San Luis Obispo County, Ca.

Fire damage at this San Luis Obispo County home began as a grease fire on the stove top. The fire spread damaging the kitchen severely and burning through the c... READ MORE

Why choose SERVPRO in Atascadero?

Water damage befell this Atascadero home when the washing machine located on the second floor malfunctioned leading to water covering the better part of the fir... READ MORE

Water Damage in Cayucos, Ca.

This nightmare turned "dream come true" in this Cayucos home all started when a toilet supply line came loose. Water flooded not only the bathroom but also the ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Paso Robles, Ca.

The kitchen, considered by many to be the heart of a home, is a place to gather with friends and family over the shared joy of a home-cooked meal. When an unexp... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Cambria

Timing is crucial when dealing with storm damage in Cambria. Water can start to destroy your home and belongings within minutes. This is why calling SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Storm damage in Morro Bay

The pouring of rainwater through a hole in the roof caused by a tree limb was extremely damaging to this home in Morro Bay. This corner of a wing of the house s... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Bradley, Ca.

Fire damage to this Bradley Condo began as an electrical fire. The fire damage was minimal, but the soot and smoke damage was extensive. In addition, there was ... READ MORE

Water Damage in King City

Commercial water damage struck this King City retail store when a water line within the walls of a public bathroom burst. The water wicked into the drywall behi... READ MORE

Dirty Floors in Atascadero

If your restaurant, hotel, large retail store, small office building, or apartment building experience a water damage disaster our specialists are here to help!... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning in Bradley, CA

When a gentleman called to see if we could deep clean his mother's kitchen we jumped at the opportunity to "shine".Below is a checklist of what we offer:clean a... READ MORE