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A General Guide To Maintaining A Clean Office

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

A General Guide To Maintaining A Clean Office

No matter the size of your office, things can get messy. Employees can get busy and leave food in their trashcans overnight or even over the weekend. We have composed a few guidelines to keeping your office clean, clear of clutter and overall improvement of your restroom appearance.

Everyone can do their part. Make it an office practice that all employees remove their garbage before leaving for the day. Not only does it reduce odor but the practice also keeps pests away from the office space.

Each employee can keep their workspace tidy. This speaks for itself. If papers for files are removed from the cabinet be sure employees put them back in place. Not only does this create a tidy workspace but it also allows for efficiency as someone else may also need to use the folder and will now know where to find it.

Use the front entrance mats. Even though the employee’s shoes are dry doesn’t mean they aren’t dirty. Having mats placed at all entrances helps reduce dirt from being trekked through the office leaving noticeable footprints throughout.

Air Quality in the Work Place. Why it matters.

7/11/2021 (Permalink)

Air Quality in your King City workplace. Why it matters.

As a business owner it is important to keep the well being of your employees in mind. Most employees spend all or part of their work day in a office confined to their desk. Since this is the case it is extremely important that the air quality is good and safe. 

Effects of Poor Air

Millions of dollars are lost each year by businesses due to employee sick days causing them to be out of the office. Additionally, business lose money when their employees are fatigued while on the clock. Often overlooked, the employers can play a significant role keeping their employees health by providing clean air.

Five effects of having poor air quality within your business can lead to:

  1. Headaches
  2. Nausea
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Allergy-like symptoms
  5. Irritation of eyes, nose, throat or skin

With proper cleaning of your ducts, you can increase the health of your employees and the bottom line of your business.

Three ways your Commercial Business is wasting Water

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Is your commercial business wasting water and money? Consider this.

As a business owner you want to find ways to  optimize and cut costs down as much as possible. After all by doing so you keep more profit overall. A few things to consider within your business is the possibility of minor faucet leaks, slow draining toilets, hidden irrigation leaks, or low water pressure. These although seemingly small, they can create large cost. 

  1. Increased Water Bill- Just a single leaky faucet can mean many gallons of water wasted. If you have several leaky faucets, toilets, and irrigation pipes, the resulting amount of water becomes very expensive.
  2. Damage caused by water-Just one unrepaired water leak can cause damage to walls, ceilings, and flooring as moisture seeps throughout the area. This can also lead to mold.
  3. Secondary Damage- Even when problems are addressed, if not in a speed manner, you can end up with hidden damage. High levels of humidity continue to affect those corners of the building until mold develops or warping, discoloration, and rust have settled in.

Cleaning for your Commercial Real Estate Business

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Why Real Estate Professionals Need SERVPRO of King City/Morro Bay

Are you struggling to get the needed interest in your property? Do you feel like you're just missing the mark? If your listing isn't where it needs to be, you'd be surprised what a professional cleaning will do. The market is booming right now, and if your listing isn't at its full potential, buyers will move on to the next listing. Research shows that a customer will know if they want to move forward with buying a property within ten seconds of being in the environment. Let SERVPRO of Morro Bay assist you in getting your property move in ready.

We are ready to work with you. We clean carpets, windows, high-touch surfaces, walls, ceilings, and appliances! We can tailor a specific cleaning package to your specific needs. We will take care of you quickly and efficiently. 

What are the most common causes of a commercial water loss?

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Dealing with a commercial water loss in your business

As a business owner dealing with a loss can be stressful. This is especially true if you must close down your business during repairs. SERVPRO of Morro Bay is ready to relieve any stress by cleaning up after a loss and restoring your assets in a quick and efficient manner!

Four of the most common causes of a commercial water loss

  1. Broken pipe- A broken pipe can cause all sorts of damage. There are many factors that could contribute to a damaged or even burst pipe such as freezing temperature or corrosion. Look out for water stains on your buildings walls as a indicator.
  2. Damaged HVAC- Over time, HVAC ducts can begin to wear out or get damaged, which will lead to water damage. Regularly service your HVAC.
  3. Window Damage- Damaged windows or windows with a damaged seal will allow moisture and water to seep into the building. If this is not resolved it can lead to mold or warped wood.
  4. Severe weather/Natural Disaster- While you cannot prevent a disaster from occurring you can prepare by regularly servicing your building.

Can I Clean Smoke Damage Myself?

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

When we talk about fire damage to our homes or offices, we usually think about about flames eating up our most beloved objects. Combustion is dangerous and is easily the scariest part of a fire, but when rebuilding after a disaster, the most complicated restoration and cleanup comes from the damage done by smoke and soot.

Smoke is the incomplete combustion of material in a fire. It’s actually made of tiny pieces of the burning thing floating around in the air. This means the chemicals that make up the burning objects are also being carried around your building, making it toxic to people and possessions.

Smoke damage can occur in buildings that aren’t even directly affected by fire. Homes or offices near a burning building or a wildfire, can be contaminated by smoke and soot. If your building was never even touched by the fire, it’s tempting to think of smoke cleanup as a simple DIY, but these are complicated and technical restoration jobs, so take the following elements into consideration before you try to clean the problem area yourself: 

  • What type of smoke are you working with. There are several different types of smoke: wet smoke, dry smoke, plastic or rubber smoke, protein smoke, furnace soot, and candle smoke. Has organic material been burned? What about plastics? Different materials will produce different types of smoke with different effects
  • What are you trying to clean? How valuable is it to you? Electronics are uniquely vulnerable to smoke damage—in addition to causing corrosion, smoke can also be electrically conductive, causing short circuits. Because of this, electronics should always be cleaned and refurbished by technical professionals

  • What sort of metal fixtures are in the room that experienced damage? Brass and copper can be etched by smoke within 24 hours of depositing.

Because of the complex nature of smoke, cleaning up after a fire is not a DIY project. Fortunately, the IICRC certified technicians at SERVPRO of Morro Bay to King city have the experience and training to handle this type of restoration and make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

How to Help Home Fire Survivors

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

As restoration professionals, we at SERVPRO of Morro Bay to King City frequently work with homeowners going through the worst disasters of their lives. We’re proud to be able to help and to fix what’s been damaged. We know the joy of making homes “Like it never even happened.” But what do you do when someone’s home is actually destroyed by fire?

How can we as a community step up when a family loses everything in a fire? If you know the family, the simplest way to help is to give your neighbors the items that survivors of house fires need the most:

  1. Immediate necessities. Imagine walking into a hotel room with no bags. What do you change into after your shower? How do you brush your teeth? Gently used clothes from your own closet are generally considered appropriate since they’re immediately available and don’t require the time and effort of wardrobe shopping. But on your way to deliver them, stop by Walmart or Target and grab some new socks and underwear.
  2. Short-term basics. Now imagine moving into a new apartment with no boxes—no towels to put in the linen closet, no dishes to put in the cabinet. As you’re preparing to help a neighbor in need, mentally walk through your day and think about all the things you use daily. 
  3. Long-term help. Now if you really know the family, work with them to provide assistance as they go through the process of recovery. Are you good with organizing? Maybe you can help them work with the insurance companies? Do you know their kids? Suggest a playdate while the parents work their to-do lists? Create a meal calendar for their friends or just take them out and let them talk.

If you don’t know the family affected by fire damage (or if it’s a community-wide disaster you’ve seen on the news) the best way to help is to donate money. You can give through or local charities, but the Red Cross is a consistently reliable organization with years of experience helping in exactly this sort of situation.

No one can know exactly what it's like to survive a house fire, but we know enough to know that we're needed and that's where we need to start. 

If you've experienced fire damage and would like to find out what our restoration professionals can do for you, call SERVPRO of Morro Bay to King City at (805) 674-5771

Keeping Your Business Protected in Storms

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

While we just welcomed the spring season, Central Coast residents know that the rains are here! Protecting your commercial property form severe storms is critical for business owners of all kinds. When a big storm is approaching, the best strategy for business owners is to be proactive it preparedness in order to protect your employees, your property, and your business as a whole.

Minimizing damage is essential for your business in the event of a major rainstorm. Things like high winds and heavy rain can do a lot more damage than many would think. As such, it is important to take careful note of the following tips for keeping your business protected in storms:

  • Remain watchful of storm forecasts to give yourself plenty of time to prepare
  • Make sure that your employees all have specific action plans in place
  • Keep your staff contact list updated and readily available
  • Check your utilities to make sure that your lines are not connected
  • Ensure that your landscaping is trimmed and prepared for storm winds
  • Unclog your gutters
  • Double check your fire protection equipment
  • Remove any potential debris from the commercial property
  • Give your staff ample time to leave and prepare their own homes

With heavy rains and high winds, it is important to prepare sooner rather than later. Commercial water damage can be stressful, but SERVPRO is here to make sure that you can go back to business as usual as soon as possible following a large storm. Our team of commercial property damage professionals will take care of your property like it’s our own! Call us today to learn more!

Tips for Business Owners to Reduce Liability Claims

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

a picture of a strip mall Being aware of the possibility of a liability claim is the first step in being proactive to prevent this from happening.

General liability insurance claims are those that typically come from either your customers or your vendors. As a small business owner, the ability to reduce the risk of these potential lawsuits is imperative for keeping your business running smoothly. One of the most common claims comes from slip and fall accidents. In these situations, a customer is walking through your store when they fall on the wet floor, causing injury or damages. In this scenario, the business is often held responsible for the accident and will therefore be liable for any type of injury or any damage that the fall caused. Being aware of the possibility of a liability claim is the first step in being proactive to prevent this from happening.

While there are certainly things out of the hands of a business owner, preemptive measures can absolutely be taken to reduce the likelihood of something like that occurring. Keep the following tips in mind to reduce liability claims in your business:

  • Be sure to keep the store well-lit so that customers can see where they are walking. We also advise that you conduct emergency lighting system checks each month.
  • Keep floors and carpeting as clean as possible. Place signage in areas that could be deemed a potential walking hazard.
  • Install handrails on any stairways in the building.
  • When a spill occurs, place an employee near the spill to warn customers until the spill is properly cleaned.
  • Keep the bathrooms extremely tidy.
  • Check the outside walkways near your store and look for any potential hazards.
  • Keep trash and any other clutter away from the areas where customers walk.
  • Be aware of condensation drips from things like air conditioners and refrigerators.
  • Avoid the use of extension cords and other dangerous items in areas where foot traffic is heavy.

General liability insurance is crucial for business owners. However, it is important to continually make improvements to keep your store as safe as possible for all of your patrons. If you are in search of a reliable, professional commercial restoration and cleaning service, contact SERVPRO at your earliest convenience!

Minimizing Safety Hazards in the Workplace

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

a picture of a woman looking at construction plans The following are some important tasks in the effort to minimize safety hazards in the workplace.

Protecting both your workers and your customers from workplace injuries is extremely important. Employers are tasked with the responsibility to create a safe environment for anyone stepping foot on their commercial property, and this can seem like an overwhelmingly daunting and stressful duty. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 4,000 workers in the United States were killed on the job in 2014. The construction industry leads the pack in terms of the most workplace fatalities. However, workplace injuries are far more common and are the focus of our article today.

The ability to minimize safety risks in the workplace while educating the staff about their possible risks is imperative to keeping everyone as safe as possible. Both routine plans and emergency plans should be set in stone and communicated to the entire workforce. The following are some important tasks in the effort to minimize safety hazards in the workplace:

  • Clearly communicate all safety and health policies to entire staff
  • Pay special attention to things like slippery flooring and poor lighting, as slip and fall accidents account for about one-third of all workplace injuries
  • Survey the entire property to identify any and all possible risks
  • Prominently display safety information throughout the property
  • Be aware of fire safety standards
  • Keep the property clean at all times
  • Encourage feedback from staff and customers regarding safety improvements
  • Update safety policies and procedures at least once per year

While some industries are known to be “dangerous” and procedures are in place accordingly, other industries that are deemed “safe” may fall through the cracks and not be prepared for workplace accidents. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to take an active role in ensuring that proper workplace safety measures are taken and enforced at all times.

Prevent Mold Growth In Your Central Coast Business

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City is licensed in mold remediation. We hope you never have a mold problem.

Mold starts growing within 24 hours of exposure to moisture.

To prevent mold from getting a start in your office building, SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City suggests:

  • Elevate equipment above floor when possible
  • Repair leaky pipes
  • Remove any damp areas near sinks and tubs
  • Maintain humidity below 40%
  • Use water-resistant materials when you build or rebuild. Materials include:
    • galvanized or stainless-steel hardware
    • waterproof wallboard
    • tile
    • sealed stone
    • sealed concrete
    • water-resistant glues
    • synthetic fibers
  • Use gutters to divert rain water
  • Landscape, so water moves away from the house
  • Cover dirt in crawl spaces. Moisture can seep up through dirt
  • Ventilate as much as possible


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a “large amount” of mold as 10 square feet or more. The EPA rules that only licensed professionals can remediate large areas.

You cannot prevent storms or floods. However, if a storm or flood affects you, we can help you clean up the damage.